"Now focus on touch. There are little nipples on the tips of your fingers that are very sensitive. Use those nipples How many varieties of texture does your partner's body have? Awaken your sense of touch: This part brought about lots of ooohhs and ahhhs. '"Listen to every sound in the room," SwiftDeer instructed. "Listen to your partner's breath. Listen to silence.

"Now use your tongue to awaken your sense of taste,'" SwiftDeer said. "How many different tastes does your partner's body have? What are those tastes telling you? Lick every part of the body. What's happening to your taste buds?" By the time we got to this part" I was eagerly anticipating the moment when Frank's tongue would reach my tasty clitoris.
Before Frank and I concluded the exercise, SwiftDeer called a late lunch break After we ate, the workshop atmosphere was more relaxed Our nervousness had turned into anticipation. SwiftDeer made a short announcement about the next exercise, "Shift your partner's Static Assemblage Point and balance each other's chakras I energy vortexes."

When everyone was shifted and balanced, SwiftDeer continued. "I want each couple to go and find some privacy. Introduce your genitals to your partner. Give them a name For example, my penis is called Mr. Happy and Diane's pussy is called "Lady Godiva." Then explain to your partner how you like to touch yourself when you masturbate. Be really honest and explicit. Tell your partner what's going on in your body and mind. Then I want all the women to have an orgasm. The men should remain strictly voyeurs. No touching."

This assignment brought forth some protest. Some couples said they couldn't do it, that it would be much too embarrassing. One couple married 24 years had never masturbated in front of each other. SwiftDeer listened unaffected, maintaining that it was an important assignment
and necessary for everyone to try For me, masturbating in front of someone was something I had done many times
Frank and I found a nice spot to "'work"' in, amidst Tom and Anne's magnificent crystal collection, We got undressed and I introduced him to my beloved pussy The name the "Great Pink Spirit" popped into the my head" perhaps a gift from the gods I told Frank that I always prefer to masturbate with a vibrator (luckily Diane had one she could lend me) I switched it on and held it to my pussy I showed Frank how I like to masturbate standing up and moving my hips forward and back, I told Frank that lately I no longer use any sexual fantasies but focus only on my breath and physical sensations, He watched me tickle my anus with my forefinger" and learned that I like to taste the wetness that forms on my inner vagina lips. I thought about inserting one of the nearby crystals into my now horny wet hole, but decided that wouldn't be polite. As I changed positions, the first of a series of very loud orgasmic screams came through the walls from upstairs, then from the next room, then from upstairs again. Frank and I had to laugh. People were really getting off.

I was tempted to lean over and kiss Frank. He was watching me with a throbbing hard-on. I could have had a couple of orgasms very quickly, but instead I explained to Frank how if I waited they would be much more intense. He told me to take all the time I wanted. More screams of ecstasy sounded from other parts of the house. Finally, I lay on my back with Great Pink Spirit facing Frank and completed the assignment with a wave of good healthy orgasms. Frank applauded.

Couples trickled back into the "classroom" with broadly smiling faces, looking relaxed and happy. Each couple gave a description of what they had done and what they had learned.


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