The last thing Harley explained was Lovers' Mask. " A sexual relationship should never get boring: he said, "because you can bring into it many masks, or roles, such as the Wanton Lusty, the Inquisitive Explorer, the Naive Child, the Temple Virgin, the Phoenix Fire Woman, etc. One is not better or worse, more good or bad; they are only different," Our homework was to arrive in the morning wearing one of the Tyrant Lover's mask, otherwise known as B&D-type gear.

The next morning we gathered at 11: 30. The first thing I saw was someone dressed like a cheap hooker. It was our hostess, Anne, and she had undergone a complete transformation. Others were dressed in sparkling, leathery, furry things. The "straight" people didn't look so "straight" anymore. I wore a black latex minidress with two holes for my tits to stick out of and my outfit made quite a splash.

The day's lectures began with the subject of kissing. ""The upper lip is the receptive lip: SwiftDeer told us. ""The lower lip gives energy out. If you suck a woman's upper lip, it will get her to open up and become more aroused. Then, while you suck, lick the little piece of flesh under the upper lip. It makes the sensation twice as powerful:

When the lecturing was over. Our class assignment was ""Chakra Merging With Penetration."

Partners got each other wet and erect. Women were instructed to get on top. I grabbed some lube and a condom for safe sex. I was more than eager to feel Frank deep inside me at last I lowered my tupili onto Frank's tipuli (that's Cherokee for vagina onto penis). Frank ground his pelvis up into mine

and we built up a steady rhythm.


Chakra merging with penetration was about the toughest challenge I'd faced in a long time. In spite of my not knowing what the hell I was doing, Frank miraculously maintained an erection. I was all technique with no titillation.

I was committed to keep trying the chakra merging but was not having much success. I was spurred on by watching the couple to my left, who seemed to be doing everything right I seemed as though they were fucking on the back of an eagle soaring over the Grand Canyon. Finally, after about an hour of practice, my legs pooped out on us and I was a little frustrated.

Once again we all gathered to report our findings. Several couples had experienced incredible, new orgasmic states. Others admitted only partial success, as I did. But we all had fun trying.

For the last day of the workshop SwiftDeer asked us to come in our Naive Child masks. People wore diapers, pigtails and white flannel nighties and other symbols of innocence and purity. We acted cuddly and silly and sucked pacifiers.

Harley sat on his throne, drinking Dr. Pepper and smoking cigarettes. pouring out his knowledge as if there were no tomorrow and he had to get it all out now. My heart opened to him. His strength was his vulnerability. Many American Indian people are angry with SwiftOeer because he is ""giving our people a bad name by throwing wild orgies." He is considered a rebel, But SwiftDeer knows that he is meant to be a bridge between the old and the new in order to help guide humanity and Mother Earth into a safe future.

Among the many things he expounded on, he taught us the four levels of orgasm, and the types of women's tupili (and how to pleasure them). These are Buffalo Woman, Wolf Woman. Dancing Woman, Deer Woman and Sheep Woman


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