He also explained the types of men's tipuli-Deer Man, Coyote Man, Horse Man, Dancing Man and Bear Man. (He told me upon examination that I was a Wolf Woman.)

He taught us how to realize that "more important than the way you physically touch your partners is the way in which your energy dances with theirs: This information hit me deep in the gut as being true. I felt it was so important especially in this time of AIDS when we must redefine what exciting sex is.

SwiftDeer, Diane and Batty guided us through more exercises, like "breaking patterns," where the women had to get the men to have orgasms in a way they never had before. There was also the Sacred Body Awakening and the Grounding Process. Frank and I explored all kinds of sex together and went through a whole lot of condoms. Once we tucked and I felt the energy distinctly in each chakra, and then felt it go up and out the top of my head. Frank felt it too and we had an amazing and beautiful simultaneous orgasm.

The final exercise was the Firebreath Orgasm, which most of the people there were already able to do. SwiftDeer asked Diane and Batty to demonstrate especially for me. They took off their clothes and lay on the floor on their backs side by side, not touching. They took a few long, slow deep breaths and then began rhythmic breathing and pelvic rocking. Within five minutes they went into a head-to-toe orgasmic state that lasted a good 10 minutes!

Though I could hardly believe what I was seeing, I could sense their intense pleasure. Not once did they touch their genitals. It was as if their bodies were possessed by the spirit of ecstasy. It seemed as if they could go on forever. We all watched them spasming with incredible pleasure, and I found that my jaw had dropped and
my mouth hung open with astonishment.

Slowly Diane and Batty came back down to earth and back into the room. They relaxed and caught their breath. Their faces were flushed. Then SwiftDeer explained more about it, "The Firebreath Orgasm," he said, "is more of a soul orgasm in which the entire body and soul experience the waves of energy. It feels different from a genital orgasm. Rather than a sharp peak-and-fall type of experience, the FBO is a more prolonged orgiastic state. It can extend from several minutes to several hours. And just as with every other type of orgasm, the FBO is extremely healing. It can be done alone, with a partner or with a group of people where all are links in the energy chain and actually have a joint orgasmic experience. You can use it during regular lovemaking also You can't imagine what it's like to be inside of Diane when she goes into an orgasm state like that."

We ended the workshop with a big bang-a group FBO! We took off all our clothes and got into a wagon-wheel pattern on the floor. All lay on their backs, women with the tops of their heads together and men with their heads between the women's legs. Just being a spoke in this fleshy wheel was a thrill.
We all took a few deep, relaxing" settling breaths, then went into the fire breathing. Within several minutes most of the heavy breathers blasted off very loud, intense orgasms. They were so loud it was almost scary. I could feel their screams solid with emotion. I closed my eyes and focused on my energy moving up my chakras.

I felt the energy move up to my heart and get stuck, making me feel a bit insecure. Was I going to be labeled a non-Firebreath Orgasmic woman? Then there were times when I felt the power of what the others were experiencing, and I was being carried on their wings.


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