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His primary teacher in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path was the late Grandfather Tom "Two Bears" Wilson, Navajo Medicine Man and President of the Navajo/Dineh Native American Church. Diese Kirche ist die Kirche der halbchristianisierten Indianer Nordamerikas. Sie ist Ausdruck der ideologischen Infiltration des weißen Mannes.

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Though the church traces the sacramental use of the peyote cactus back ten thousand years, the Native American Church was only founded in 1918. Well into the reservation era, this organization was achieved with the help of a Smithsonian Institute anthropologist. The church incorporates generic Native American religious rites, Christianity, and the use of the peyote plant. The Native American Church, or Peyote Church, illustrates a trend of modifying and manipulating traditional Native American spirituality. The Native American Church incorporates Christianity, as well as moving away from tribal specific religion. Christianity has routinely penetrated Native American spirituality in the last century. And in the last few decades, New Age spirituality has continued the trend.

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